Bombay Theme by A.R. Rahman performed by Naveen Kumar with Qatar Philharmonic Orchestra

As part of the Qatar India 2019 year of culture, Naveen Kumar performed Music of Bollywood with Qatar Philharmonic Orchestra sponsered by the Embassy of India in the 8 Feb , 2019 in Qatar National Convention Center – Almayasa theatre.

Song featured is by the Grammy Award winning music director and composer A.R.Rahman. This song carries a sense of patriotism and display unity in diversity.

Tuomas Kantelinen, conductor
Artist who performed Pt.Tanmoy Bose, Pt. Ravi Chary, Ratul Shankar, Madhab Deka, Pervez ji, Hricha Debraj and Pranav Robin.
Kurt Meister, Executive Director
Saima Gitay, Executive Assistance

We claim no rights for this song. It’s purely performed to serve as entertainment for those viewing. All rights belong to respective owners.
No copyright infringement intended. 

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Produced by Naveen Music Production
Mics by Audix
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